Olive Oil For Lice Video Tutorial

Can you use olive oil for lice? Does Olive Oil kill lice bugs or nits (lice eggs)? How do you do it?

Learn how to do Get Rid of Lice Permanently by doing a professional lice treatment at home!
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00:00 Why people struggle with lice
00:55 About My Lice Advice
01:31 Olive oil for lice basics
02:30 Olive oil for nits (lice eggs)?
03:40 Does olive oil kill lice?
04:22 What’s better than an olive oil lice treatment?

Olive oil is theorized to “smother” lice. But, in the studies olive oil on the hair for 8 hours only kills about 2% of lice bugs. Are you impressed? You shouldn’t be!

The problem with all home remedies (including olive oil) is that they only kill a small percentage of lice bugs and they don’t address the much bigger problem, lice eggs (also known as nits). If you don’t address lice eggs then they just hatch and re-infest your child over and over again.

I don’t recommend olive oil for a lice treatment because it doesn’t work. Sure, it’ll put lice into a “playing dead” or “hibernation” but as soon as the olive oil is rinsed those bugs will come right back to life again.

Instead, learn how to do a professional lice treatment on your child at home and get rid of lice in one treatment.
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Each step of the professional technique is detailed and demonstrated by a lice expert in a series of short videos. You follow along on your child and by the end of the videos, lice is completely eliminated from your head and home. And it has a 100% money-back guarantee.

ABOUT YOUR LICE COACH: Theresa is a Registered Nurse, specializing in head lice. She has years of experience curing children of lice in her lice center and government work. She is the creator of MyLiceAdvice.com, one of the top lice informational websites in the world and she teaches parents how to get rid of lice in less than a day in the Get Rid of Lice Like a Pro online course.

You can find the studies for this video at https://myliceadvice.com/olive-oil-lice-treatment-kill-lice/

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