Flat Ironing For Lice Tutorial

Does a flat iron kill lice bugs or lice eggs? Can you get rid of lice flat ironing your hair?

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In this video:
00:00 Why is it so hard to get rid of lice?
00:55 About My Lice Advice
02:03 Can a Flat Iron Kill Lice?
03:05 Can Flat Irons Kill Nits (Lice Eggs)?
04:12 Can Flat Ironing Make Lice Worse?
04:20 A better way to get rid of lice than a flat iron.

The question you have to ask yourself is…
Do you want to kill a few lice or get rid of lice completely?
If your goal is to fry a few bugs in your hair, then a flat iron is capable of that. Lice and lice eggs die in temperatures higher than 130° F and Most flat irons get up to 450° F, so if you happen to squeeze some lice with a flat iron, you can sizzle a few.
But, that’s not going to take care of your lice problem. Lice bugs live right next to the scalp, so it’s impossible to get to all of them without giving yourself 3rd degree burns.
And, lice eggs are right next to the scalp as well…
Flat ironing can actually make lice HARDER to get rid of, because when you flat iron old lice eggs the heat bonds them to the hair strand and they are more difficult to remove.
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